License and Usage Terms For Logos and Illustration.

This License Agreement (the "Agreement") is between Khisnen Shop and You (as an individual or an entity, who then shall, within the constraints of this agreement, be referred to as "You" or "Your"). In this Agreement shall be understood as referring to all legal rights to a creative work, in any country, those rights including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property rights.
When you purchase any Contents from Khisnen Shop on Gumroad, you agree to the following terms

“Website” is referred to Khisnen Shop.
“Content” and “Asset” are referred to all digital contents for sale on the Website, which include Logos & Illustration

Meaning of:


The customer who purchase an non-exclusive asset will not own the asset upon purchase but Khisnen Studios is giving the customer a royalty-free Standard or Extended license to use asset. 
Khisnen Shop can sell the same asset to other customers.


The customer who purchase an exclusive asset will own that asset upon purchase. An Exclusive asset come with royalty-free Extended License.

Khisnen Shop will not sell the same asset to an another customer. Once purchase the asset will be removed from the store..


A Standard Logo License:

-  Up to 500,000 copies or views of the contents.
-  Unlimited web views.
-  Use the asset in email marketing, mobile advertising, social media.
-  Cannot use asset prominently in merchandise or products for resale

An Extended  License:

-  Unlimited copies or views of the contents.
-  Unlimited web views.
-  Use the asset in email marketing, mobile advertising, social media, or a broadcast program.
-  The asset may be featured in merchandise or products for resale.

Khisnen Shop will still retain the right to display the logos on his portfolios, in the widest sense of the word, in any medium I choose to promote my business.

2. USAGE (only for Non-Exclusive):
The sub-licensing, selling, leasing, renting or giving the content to another person or company is prohibited.

All Licenses are not-transferable: But there are two exceptions for non-personal use:

An Employer or Client Use: If the license is purchased on behalf of your employer or client, then your employer or client can use the contents if you transfer your license to your client with an agreement that includes the Terms Of Service, License, and Usage of Khisnen Shop. You are solely responsible and liable for the use of the contents by your employer or client. You must purchase an additional license for the same content (if applicable) if you intend to use the same content for the benefit of the other clients.

Third Party: You may allow printer or distributors to use content in any production or distribution process related to your final project. But once the process is complete they must delete all Content or they may purchase a license of their own.

You must not:
- Use the content in any way that allows a third party, download, extract or access the content as a stand-alone file (only for Non-Exclusive);
 - Sub-licensing, re-sell, leasing, renting or giving contents to another person or company (only for Non-Exclusive).
 - Use the content in a defamatory, or otherwise unlawful manner;
 - Use Non-Exclusive Asset into a trademark or copyright project.
 - Falsely represent that you are the original creator of the assets.
 - re-distribute the Logo as stock or as a design template (only for Non-Exclusive).


- All Logo are in vector format specifically in Adobe Illustrator CC native format (.ai) and in (.eps).


Since all the contents are intangible, and the customer can preview the contents before making a purchase, and when purchase contents are immediately available for download.