I receive so many email with the same question every time
 which made write this FAQ to save time.

1. Are your logos free? 

2. How much do you charge? 
This price may varies base on the type of projects. 

3. What are your payment method?
I prefer PayPal. But I also accept bank payment.

3. How long it will take you to finish? 
Usually i take around 10-20 days to finish working on project. 

4. How do we start?
I need a deposit of 50%  to kick start the work. And the rest of the payment will be settle when we are done.

5. How will I know what i am getting? And what if i don't like it?
3-4 days after receiving the kick start I will show you the sketch(es) made base on the brief you gave me. You will have full creative control on the project. Base on the amount of sketch(es) you can pick the one you like to edit and finalized.

6. Do you issue refund?

7. Are the logos in vector?
Yes! Logos are done in vector! All my logos are delivered in Adobe illustrator native AI format.

8. Do you do animations?
Not yet.

9. Do you do stream overlay?
No, i don't.

10. Do you do social media designs?
In same case, i do. But my skill is only limited to Facebook and Twitter cover.

11. What are deliverable? 
The deliverable will the thing you ask in the brief.

13. Do you have any logo for sale?
I may have some logo for sale. Check out my logo shop at shop.khisnen.com .